Recap: April 2017 Investment Meeting

On April 18, 2017, GTAN held its monthly investment meeting, and Angels were pitched by a variety of exciting local startups. Each founder offered an engaging pitch and interacted with the audience, and all companies that pitched are moving forward into the due diligence stage. Our Angels are looking forward to learning more about each company during the due diligence process.

We always begin our investment meetings with opening remarks from our President, Rob Douglas. This month, he welcomed new members and reminded attending founders that our Angels possess a wide variety of expertise and industries, making them excellent mentors. One of our members added that he became an Angel “to stop founders from doing the dumb stuff that I did.”


Learn more about Needls, Directive Communication Systems, and Ucic below!


Photo 2017-04-18, 17 20 28

needls – CEO Justin Hartzman and CPO Jeremy Koven.

Needls is the Internet’s first RoboAgency. It allows businesses to automatically create, target, and optimize digital ads across Facebook and Instagram, and is able to identify purchase intent within social media posts.









Photo 2017-04-18, 17 57 34

Directive Communication Systems – CTO Garry Beirne,  CEO Lee Poskanzer, and VP of Product & Operations Akhil Mittal.

Directive Communication Systems (DCS) is a platform and service that provides individuals and estate professionals with an easy way to manage digital assets and their directives. Users can easily identify, organize, and distribute property, and the platform protects an individuals’s most confidential and private information. DCS is compliant with all federal laws.








Photo 2017-04-18, 17 13 30

uCiC – CEO Harleen Kaur

uCiC is a mobile peer-to-peer network that allows users to ask for a live video and photo from any location in the world. uCiC has been used over 2 million times in 180 countries so users can see what is happening in Syria, the Rio Olympics, and more. uCiC has created an enterprise edition, which allows media publishers to source on-demand, real-time user generated content from their own audience. Their first customer is the Weather Channel.







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