Meet The Investee Companies

Business Description
A Film Monkey Production Inc. A Film Monkey Production Inc.

A Film Monkey Production Inc. is a feature film production company that is dedicated to bringing strong female voices to the screen with films that touch, move and inspire audiences around the world.

Accelerated-Systems Inc. Accelerated-Systems Inc.

Accelerated Systems Inc. develops electric vehicle drive systems found in products across the globe. They design and manufacture microprocessor-based electronic control systems and accessories for a variety of light electric vehicles (LEV), such as electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and carts.

Aeryon Labs Inc. Aeryon Labs Inc.

Aeryon Labs designs small unmanned aerials systems (sUAS) for the trunk of every police car, and the backpack of every soldier. Weighing less than 3lbs, the Aeryon Scout™ micro-UAS is an easy-touse, aerial intelligence gathering system designed to be assembled and flown in seconds. A professional instrument capable of point-and-click map-based navigation through a touch-screen user interface, the Scout requires minimal user training and allows a single user to operate both the aerial vehicle and camera payload – no piloting experience required.

Alert Labs Inc. Alert Labs Inc.

Alert Labs’ sensors detect water damage before it causes costly damage for the customer. Their product sends real-time alerts to a customer’s phone for emergencies like floods, leaks and power outages. The analytics give insight into water usage, power status, heating and cooling, water softener, and sump pump to avoid damage. In turn, this saves money, time and natural resources.

Andela (formerly known as FORA) Andela (formerly known as FORA)

Andela helps engineering teams scale faster. They recruit the top talent across Africa, train them to be full-stack developers and place them with companies like Microsoft and Udacity to meet their technology, diversity, and business goals. 

Aterlo Aterlo

Aterlo Networks builds products which enable consumers and Internet service providers to more effectively utilize their Internet connectivity. Their NightShift product enables consumers with low data caps or slow Internet connections to enjoy high quality streaming video content and enables service providers to reduce churn and CAPEX.

Beagle Beagle

If you're not a lawyer, legal documents can be a tough slog to get through, like walking through knee-deep snow; but Beagle has come up with a way to zero in on the most the important parts of a contract. It's a fast way to understand how a contract is set up, and who is responsible for what, and how easy or not it is to get out of it.

BigRoad Incorporated BigRoad Incorporated

BigRoad was founded in late 2011 to fill a need in the truck driving industry for a software solution for small fleets (with fewer than 100 vehicles) who were unable to access the existing hardware based solutions to replace the requisite, outdated paper logs. The need was clear, but no solution was in place. By using mobile technology and creating software to fill that need, BigRoad has cornered a niche market and become the leading mobile platform for truck transportation and motor coach fleets.

Blitzen Blitzen

The Waterloo startup launched a lead management solution that allows startups and small-to-midsize businesses to "market like their bigger brand cousins." The freemium solution goes beyond traditional marketing platforms to help SMBs identify promoters and improve retention rates with existing customers.

Bonfire Interactive Ltd. Bonfire Interactive Ltd.

No paper cluttering your desk, no files clogging your inbox - just automatic organization and stronger, faster decisions for any purchasing team. Meet a new kind of purchasing tool - one that you'll actually love using!

Change It (formerly known as Formulating Change) Change It (formerly known as Formulating Change)

A simple and powerful way to generate new revenue for charitable organizations with Virtual Change® from everyday transactions.

Clearpath Robotics Inc. Clearpath Robotics Inc.

Bettering the world with mobile robotics and solutions. We build robots for every environment, including land, water, and air.

ClevrU ClevrU

ClevrU™ creates intelligence from the cloud and delivers it to a mobile user. Our Digital DNA™ builds a powerful profile for each user and unlocks the ClevrCloud™ to deliver knowledge using proprietary technology. Our first application is ClevrU EDU™ which delivers the essence of in class experience in any language or culture and enhances it with real time references and social networking by adapting to students needs using meta data collected on the individual using granular analytics.


A proven web-based enterprise software system, Coreworx enables EPCs and owner-operators to automate best practices, mitigate business risk and improve performance to budget throughout the entire project lifecycle. Coreworx integrates with existing systems for accelerated project stand up to quickly ensure the controlled distribution of information, management of asset integrity, design control and configuration management. Real-time analysis ensures accurate, predictive project data to keep projects on schedule, accurate and within scope.

Dejero Labs Dejero Labs

Dejero is redefining live broadcasting through its portable LIVE+ Platform. Broadcasters can now instantly transmit broadcast-quality live video through cellular networks without the cost or complexity of satellite/microwave trucks or the effort of implementing dedicated towers. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from experienced broadcasters have produced the Dejero LIVE+ Platform. The revolutionary Platform gives greater mobility, including access to locations such as airports, high security areas, rooftop events and can even broadcast from a moving vehicle. Dejero expands broadcast newsgathering capabilities.

Dossierview Dossierview

DossierView understands that timely access to meaningful information is essential for busy professionals to stay competitive. So they developed wetrieve® to provide fast and affordable enterprise search with real-time collaboration tools – all available through one, user-friendly interface. Search with wetrieve and you can rely on remarkably relevant results delivered to your desktop with unprecedented speed. wetrieve automatically connects you with colleagues working on similar things so you can seamlessly share and discuss for optimal results.

E-Sight E-Sight

eSight is a world class technology company that develops intelligent eyewear to help people with low vision lead more independent lives at home, work and play.It is the first intelligent eyewear that enables people with legal blindness or low vision to actually see.

Eve Medical Eve Medical

Eve Medical is an early stage medical device company focused on designing innovative, user-centered medical products aimed at the specific healthcare needs of women.  We’re currently developing a method that allows women to comfortably and reliably self-collect samples to screen for HPV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Many women do not screen regularly for these infections, which can lead to cervical cancer and infertility.

ExpertFile ExpertFile

Expertfile is the leading provider of content marketing software used by organizations to manage their experts and thought leaders. Marketing departments and agencies use the platform to publish, promote and measure their expert content to engage business prospects, media and conference organizers.

Fongo Fongo

Fongo works with a WiFi connection and if you plan to call or text using WiFi, no carrier contract is required. Your phone bill will magically disappear. If you plan to call or text outside of WiFi, you’ll need a carrier contract that includes a data plan. On tablets and prepaid phones you can get data-only plans from most wireless carriers. If you already have a contract with a carrier, you can keep your contract but decrease (or cancel) your voice minutes. You will likely save hundreds of dollars by eliminating long distance and local calling fees and messaging costs. After that, you can increase your savings by removing options like voicemail and caller ID from your carrier’s bill, as these are all free features in Fongo.

FunnelCake FunnelCake

When you're selling to another business, campaign attribution can be challenging at best. FunnelCake identifies what your buyer segments really look like, and the campaigns or processes that influence them most. Instead of relying on demographics, FunnelCake looks at your buyer's journey to determine their intent and which touchpoints moved your buyer further down your funnel.


HTBase differentiates itself in the cloud space by delivering on the concept of a true cloud-defined data center (CDDC) infrastructure, while enabling IT to retain existing infrastructure or develop new hardware platforms in greenfields.

IIX Corp IIX Corp

Since launching IIX has expanded the peering market by helping organizations discover how they can peer and lower the cost of expanding their physical network. They provide a cost-effective, secure, scalable and controllable network solution.

Imagistx Imagistx

Imagistx has developed an ultra high resolution ultrasound system that provides significant improvements in detecting prostate cancer. It's ultrasound system allows urologists to see the exquisite details of the prostate, allowing for better diagnosis, surveillance, and treatment.

In the Chat In the Chat

In the Chat mines social media posts about your brand, competitors and industry to help you identify, analyze, and directly connect with social media users to improve their customer service experience. The results? Increased sales, improved customer retention and lower service costs.

Industry Corporation Industry Corporation

Industry Corporation is a software development company headquartered in Kitchener, Canada. Their Spark platform powers global digital signage and interactive kiosks. They help businesses and consumers become more engaged, informed, and entertained through the incredible power of public displays.

Intellijoint (formerly known as Avenir) Intellijoint (formerly known as Avenir)

An innovator in developing intelligent instruments to improve joint replacement surgery. The Company’s proprietary devices integrate microelectronics and miniature optical sensors to calculate and display real time measurements of implant position and alignment, enabling surgeons to more accurately perform joint replacements. The Company’s flagship product is for guiding hip replacement, and the same advanced technology will be applied to knee replacement and other surgical procedures, in the future.

IOTUM (formerly known as Calliflower) IOTUM (formerly known as Calliflower)

iotum is an international company with roots in VoIP, telecom switch development, and innovative voice and mobile services. Today, they provide several teleconferencing platforms and collaboration services to millions of users worldwide, and they are working on the next generation of virtual services to make it easier to collaborate and converse around the world.

Kik, Inc. Kik, Inc.

At Kik Interactive, we believe we are at the beginning of the smartphone era – one of the most transformative changes in our generation, comparative to the rise of the first personal computer or the internet. Kik is at the helm of a once-in-a-lifetime paradigm shift that will not only change, but will redefine how people consume content and interact with each other. Funded by USV, RRE and Spark Capital, Kik has experienced immediate and rapid ongoing viral growth in its user base since its inception. Today, instant messaging. Tomorrow? Sky’s the limit.

Lending Loop Lending Loop

Lending Loop is Canada's first fully regulated peer-to-peer lending platform focused on small business.

Local Line Local Line

Local Line is made for people who care about quality ingredients and consistent service. They attract a "menu's-worth" of local food; you’ll find various protein, produce, dairy, wheat, and beverage suppliers from your local community. Local Line is working on building an inclusive platform with eyes towards streamlined distribution, integrated inventory management, one-stop invoice payment and tracking, and direct communication between buyer and supplier.

Magnusmode Magnusmode

A dynamic company that creates applications to empower and support people with cognitive special needs at each life stage. Their goal is to empower those with special needs so that they can participate fully in all aspects of society, while providing support and peace of mind for their parents and caregivers. An interactive game, Magnus Cards has been designed to help people with special needs prepare for, manage, and master challenges in their lives.

Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant is an Enterprise 2.0 collaborative and intelligent web-enabled way to maintain industrial equipment, organize and share maintenance information, and procure parts and services in the Cloud. It is fully mobile, and is provided as subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) hosted on the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Medella Health Medella Health

Medella Health is building a wearable technology solution that continuously and non-invasively monitors blood glucose levels and communicates the data with a mobile device, so patients can better manage their diabetes.

Mii Corp Mii Corp

Mii Corp now has two product brands: MiiCasa and RENOMii. MiiCasa is an interactive sales centre and interactive décor centre for new home/condo developments and RENOMii is a change management platform for renovation projects for homeowners and contractors.

Miovision Miovision

Miovision Technologies Inc. creates intelligent solutions to address the challenges facing today’s global transportation networks. With our video and web-based technologies, we help data collectors, traffic consultants and municipal governments reduce the cost of collecting, analyzing, and reporting

accurate traffic data. Our products and services help reduce traffic congestion, minimize environmental impacts and improve the overall safety of roads. Our goal is to provide software and hardware that significantly improves our clients’ cost-structure, the accuracy and reliability of their results, and the safety of their field staff. Our tools help make traffic data relevant and accessible to all stakeholders.

MyndTec Inc. MyndTec Inc.

MyndTec Inc. develops and commercializes innovative medical devices and therapies designed to improve function, maximize independence, and enhance quality of life.

MyndTec’s first product, MyndMoveTM applies advanced principles of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to assist patients suffering arm and hand paralysis following stroke or spinal cord injury (SCI) to make lasting gains in the recovery of natural, voluntary movement.

Nanoshutters (formerly known as Lumotune) Nanoshutters (formerly known as Lumotune)

Aiming to further integrate electronic displays into the lives of human beings. When electronic displays or window blinds are not being used, they should not be visible and essentially, it should be as though they cease to exist. That is the basis of what they do – what they love doing. They believe that technology is at its very best, at its most empowering, when it simply disappears.

Nicoya Lifesciences Nicoya Lifesciences

OpenSPR is designed for the individual researcher. With their surface plasmon resonance solution, in just minutes you can get affinity, kinetics and specificity for proteins, peptides, antibodies, DNA, RNA, and small molecules. Work from the comfort of your own bench & focus on what really matters – your research.

Nudge Rewards (formerly known as Greengage Mobile) Nudge Rewards (formerly known as Greengage Mobile)

Nudge Rewards helps organizations engage people in community volunteerism, sustainability, and health and wellness programs. The Nudge platform harnesses the combined power of a mobile app, rewards and analytics to drive employee engagement and positive behaviour change, in order to deliver measurable business results.

P & P Optica P & P Optica

P&P Optica Inc. develops the most sensitive, hyperchannel optical spectrometers available on the market today. Optical spectrometers use light to determine chemical composition of substances, and are the core element in many emerging applications, including industrial process control, defense and security, environmental and healthcare. P&P Optica’s spectrometers have been used in a variety of situations: to provide situational awareness for unmanned vehicles, help doctors differentiate cancerous from healthy tissue, recycling plastics and even mounted on a prototype Mars rover. (formerly known as (formerly known as

Plum’s People Statement™ helps evaluate all job applicants and internal team members to determine their potential to be successful in any role or team in a company, and successful people generate results. The results are then presented in our dashboard revealing the total applicant picture for easy comparison, allowing a match to unique hiring needs with the top candidates.

Powernoodle Powernoodle

Powernoodle is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations make decisions and solve problems. Using a guided approach, we bring people together to facilitate collaboration and brainstorming, gather feedback, evaluate ideas, allocate resources and determine next steps.

Proteocyte Proteocyte

Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc. has developed a novel diagnostics technology, Straticyte™, that brings fundamental change to the management of head and neck cancer.

PumpUp Inc PumpUp Inc

a social network that allows people to share photos, track their fitness goals and progress, and engage in conversation. People can share their progress, meal ideas, and more, and others can comment and offer support.

Push (formerly known as Push Strength) Push (formerly known as Push Strength)

PUSH is not your average wearable device. Our patent-pending PUSH Band doesn't track steps, sleep, eating habits, or calories gained or lost. PUSH Band instead offers scientifically-validated and actionable metrics that can help you improve your training.

Qwalify Qwalify

Qwalify is an automated hiring platform that offers self-serve tools for targeted sourcing, efficient filtering and effective interviewing, allowing you to gain deeper insight into applicants, guaranteed. Don’t just hire…Qwalify

Rebel Hippo Inc. Rebel Hippo Inc.

Making the lives of game developers easier. Building backends for games is no walk in the park, and They believe that the job should be handled by folks like them while the next chart topper is being created.

RNA Diagnostics Inc. RNA Diagnostics Inc.

RNA Diagnostics Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company developing diagnostic tools to assist in the management of cancer chemotherapy. The company’s first product, RNA Disruption Assay™ (RDA™), is a novel test that helps oncologists to rapidly assess the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy. RDA™ can determine whether chemotherapy is working effectively in the individual patient early in treatment thereby guiding clinical decision making.


RSVP Tech has developed “Natural Language Processing” (NLP) and “Question Answering” technologies specifically for mobile devices. NLP is based on a database of 200 million existing questions and answers to quickly translate in Chinese and English.

Sage Senses

Sage Senses’ learning software is used to interpret output on a variety of sensors (such as audio, motion, vision, proximity, biological, and chemical) used in consumer and industrial IoT devices. Their software reduces time, cost, and effort of 3rd party developers for building sensory applications.

SavvyDox Inc. SavvyDox Inc.

Simple reading and reviewing on the go. Publish and track important documents – SavvyDox puts you in control.

SeamlessMD SeamlessMD

Seamless MD can prepare people for upcoming surgeries with pre- and post-op care information, medication reminders, interactive care plans and tools for self-management. Interestingly enough, this tool can also collect data and transmit it to the appropriate caregiver making those providers who use it eligible for certain reimbursement requirements.

Sentry Scientific Sentry Scientific

Sentry Scientific builds smart walkers to increase seniors’ mobility and independence.

She Takes On The World She Takes On The World

She Takes on the World, is an online community of revolutionary women changing the world through entrepreneurship!

Spartan BioScience Spartan BioScience

DNA results anytime, anywhere. Spartan Bioscience is the leader in point-of-care DNA testing. The Spartan RX is the first complete sample-to-result, point-ofcare DNA testing system in medicine. It is a fully integrated DNA collection, extraction and analysis platform, with an intuitive interface that is easy to operate—no laboratory training required. For the first time, healthcare providers and their patients can get DNA results on demand. In the same way that mainframe computers gave way to personal computers, high-throughput DNA testing systems in central labs are giving way to decentralized POC devices. It may take days to weeks to get results from a central lab. In contrast, Spartan’s POC devices provide results on demand. Faster results save money and improve care.


SSIMWave has made many new breakthroughs in video QoE measurement and optimization in terms of accuracy, speed, applicability and flexibility. They created technologies for video quality monitoring, video quality diagnosis, and perceptual video compression have led to state-of-the-art products for media, communication and entertainment industry.

Suncayr Suncayr

Suncayr's mission is to give people the awareness they need to safely enjoy every day they spend outside. Their solution: SPOT, a smart indicator of UV light.

Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc. Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

The Synergy Cervical Disc is a revolution in Cervical Disc Replacement Technology. Not only does it restore motion to the intervertebral segment, it also restores balance, an extremely critical function of the human spine. The Synergy Cervical Disc pioneers the concept of Balance Control Arthroplasty.

Systems Logic Systems Logic

Creators of Wireless Warehouse in a Box, Systems Logic delivers innovative warehouse management software to small and mid-sized distributors, manufacturers and third party warehouses across North America for almost a decade. As the Pioneer of Visual Logistics, Systems Logic supplies visual mobile computing tools that increase efficiencies and accuracy, while driving down operational costs. Providing the small and mid-sized market, tools that help manage multi-tenant, multi-warehouse, and both public and contract operations with tier 1 capabilities.

Tacit Innovations Corp. Tacit Innovations Corp.

The Tacit Innovations team is focused on developing solutions that use technology effectively to enable innovative, progressive, relevant and above all easy-to-use customer experiences for restaurateurs and restaurant-goers. Their goal is to help restaurants realize revenue potential by taking advantage of technology trends.

Textbooks for Change Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change provides affordable and accessible educational material to students both locally and across the globe.  

The Networking Effect The Networking Effect

The Networking Effect is a local, online small business networking community; building small business networking communities in Barrie, Ajax, Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Top Hat Monocle Top Hat Monocle

A classroom engagement platform professors use to easily create an interactive lecture experience. It’s a smart way to teach.

TritonWear TritonWear

The Triton units are small devices that clip onto the back of a swimmer’s goggles and automatically calculate a dozen key performance metrics and transmit them in real-time to a coach’s tablet. The data is stored online for further analysis and for tracking over-time. Metrics include splits, stoke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke, turn time, distance underwater, and more.

Unata Unata

At Unata, they believe that the future of retail is in delivering one-to-one shopper experiences by leveraging the power of customer data. Their award-winning platform powers experiences for major retailers that measurably increase customer loyalty and  achieves exceptional user engagement.

Viafoura Viafoura

Viafoura’s mission is to elevate the quality and monetize conversations on the internet. Their technology has been designed to accomplish this task for media companies. Easy to install plugins enable social login, commenting, content discovery and gamification as a way to gain deeper user insight. This data increases monetization opportunities in a variety of ways such as increased ad revenues and better informed content creation that keeps users engaged.

VistaShift VistaShift

VistaShift engages teams in a fun and easy process for creating marketing messages and strategies, setting a solid and aligned sales & marketing foundation. “How to increase sales” is a common business challenge, but developing customer-centric sales and marketing messages can set the foundation needed to be successful.

Will Pwn 4 Food Will Pwn 4 Food

Will Pwn 4 Food is gaming for money. They make fast action 3D games that you can play directly in the browser window for actual cash and prizes!

Willet Inc. Willet Inc.

Willet is the first ecommerce lead generation platform focused on people without the intent to buy. We turn social browsers into shoppers.

The mission is to give everyone in the company their own automated virtual assistant so that they can focus on their job duties. Their productivity solution can handle tasks such as meeting scheduling, meeting preparedness, introductions to people you want to meet, travel logistics, and more.