Angel Investors are high net-worth, accredited investors* who typically have acquired wealth from decades of business success.

Most angels are active investors – they mentor the companies in which they invest by contributing time and experience, as well as offering introductions to valuable contacts.  They deploy their cumulative experiences and capital to help the next generation of entrepreneurs become successful.

Most angels specialize in industries or technologies they understand, and invest only in companies within close geographic proximity. Angels may invest on their own, or with their peers, through an organized Angel Group such as GTAN.

Since there is more demand for early-stage capital among promising start-ups than capital available from all sources, angels often syndicate their investments other angel groups and government and institutional funders.  These funders work collaboratively to provide deeper mentorship and lower financing risk.

Seeking Funding from GTAN

GTAN is one of the more active angel groups in Ontario.  It relies on its trusted feeder network of incubators and start-up hubs across Ontario to recommend promising companies that are seeking angel financing, and has limited bandwidth to review unsolicited funding requests.

Executives-in-residence (EIRs) and mentors at these organizations are best positioned to help a company understand when it is ready to seek funding from an angel group.  The EIRs and mentors recommend companies they consider investment-ready for consideration by GTAN’s Selection Committee.