February Investor Meeting Recap


This month, the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) took a different approach to their monthly Investor Meeting. Instead of having the typical format of three pitching companies, February’s Investor Meeting featured an educational session on blockchain technology, an engaging discussion panel and two well-executed pitches from blockchain entrepreneurs. Guest speakers Mawadda Basir, Executive Director of Collider X and John Conley, Economist and Technical Advisor of The Geeq Project each delivered informative and alluring presentations on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Learn about each sections of the evening below:

Mawadda Basir is the Executive Director of Collider X, the world’s first open-source, crowdfunded and crowdsourced blockchain R&D lab. Her presentation “Blockchain 101” broke down the processes of blockchain technology, how it applies to cryptocurrencies and why it is revolutionary.

John Conley received his Ph.D in economics and most recently has been working in CryptoEconomics and the Economics of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). He is also the Technical Advisor for several blockchain startups, including The Geeq Project. Conley discussed the implications of blockchain technology on finance.

A discussion panel led by Benton Leong, Chair of GTAN’s Selection Committee, followed the presentations. In addition to Mawadda and John, the panel included Todd Bissett, Partner at Miller Thomson LLP who has over a decade of experience advising technology companies. The panel paved the way for some captivating conversation among the experts and meeting attendees. Topics discussed included how blockchain has the potential to prevent government corruption in foreign countries and manage data, the benefits of Smart Contracts, the notion of digital currency, where blockchain will be the most disruptive and how one goes about acquiring Bitcoin.

Marvin Coleby pitched his company Raise, the future of responsible impact investing. Raise seeks to intersect blockchain and social enterprises through their secondary market for tokenized securities. Marvin noted that only two companies in the world are doing this, and one of them is Raise. They are innovating impact finance with blockchain technology.

To conclude the evening, attendees were introduced to Michael Gord, Founder and CEO at MLG Blockchain Consulting. His global blockchain development and consulting firm provides numerous services to blockchain startups and banks across North America, Europe and Asia. Some of their services include blockchain consulting and education, implementation and application of tokens and exchange listing. They hope to build the next generation of applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.

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