GTAN Angels Reflect on 2016

It’s important to look at the past year of investments and funding rounds in order to see trends and themes that emerge. At our last investment meeting, we asked some GTAN Angels for their highlight moment and trends of 2016. Here’s what they had to say:

For Gary, “the highlight of 2016 has been the general inventiveness of people. For the most part, the companies that our selection committee sees are very impressive. We have some extremely intelligent millennials kicking around, and for me, that’s both impressive and refreshing.”

Eric K. highlighted a stand-out company for him this year, Alert Labs. “They help individual and multiple property owners monitor their energy and water usage in a unique and innovative way,” he said. “Their work continues to excite me.”

Richard T. reflected that it was difficult to pinpoint one particular highlight, because 2016 offered so many high points. “We have tech companies that have down-to-earth solutions to everyday problems,” he explained. “There are also companies with more of a social impact, too. As an angel investor, you have an incredible amount of variety when you’re choosing which companies to get involved with.”

Aaron noted that “We’ve seen a lot more secondaries happen in 2016 than in past years for this region. This is great for the investment community because providing liquidity to those folks that have been in a deal for a while gives them the opportunity to reinvest in the ecosystem. At the same time, seeing founders get secondaries gives us a whole new group of potential angels. These new investors might have a different investment style, but this could be something that’s incredibly beneficial for the early stage community.”

What was your highlight of 2016? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know on LinkedIn or Twitter @GTAN_Angels.

We kick off 2017 with an investment meeting on Tuesday, January 17th.


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