Startups: What would you do if you could test out your pitch before you had to do it with money on the line?

Last week we launched GTAN|RAW, where local startups had the opportunity to share their pitch with GTAN angel investors and three local tech judges, Mike Kirkup, Benton Leong, and Snita Balsara. After the pitches and feedback concluded, attendees were able to further network with local angel investors, tech executives, and other startups.



For those who couldn’t attend, we have a roundup of common tips the judges gave.

  1. Don’t have too much text on your slides. Angel investors should be listening to you instead of trying to read your slides.
  2. Don’t rely on video to tell your story. Any time someone plays a video in their pitch, it’s a red flag. You are supposed to know your product or company better than anyone.
  3. Don’t use tech as a crutch. Investors will understand when these things happen, but be prepared for technical mishaps. Make sure that you have your 1, 3, and 5 minute elevator pitches memorized, and bring printouts.
  4. Know your audience. Are they technical? What is their role? How can you best communicate your ideas so that your audience will understand what you do? If your audience doesn’t understand your business or product, they likely won’t invest.
  5. Don’t use the investor Q&A to digress into more points. Keep your answers succinct, short, and answer the question head on, rather than creating tangents that aren’t relevant to the question at hand.

We will be hosting another GTAN|RAW event soon. If you are interested in attending or pitching, please email

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