BetaKit – Now Integrating AI Assistant With Microsoft Teams, Office 365

Article via BetaKit – Toronto-based Zoom.AI has now found a major partner in Microsoft, as the company announces its integration into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

Users of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 will now have access to Zoom.AI’s automated assistant without having to leave their respective platforms, with services ranging from automating tasks like booking meetings, to finding information within applications and managing documents. The AI assistant can learn a user’s daily routines and automate based on that information.

“They are very serious about the enterprise software space and continuing to be the larger player there.” – Roy Pereira, CEO of Zoom.AI

The company has been working with Microsoft for the last year and a half to add more support to Teams and Office 365. When Zoom.AI acquired SimplyInsight in September 2017 — which plugs into a company’s data sources and allows users to ask questions in natural language delivered through chat — the company said that Microsoft represented 75 to 80 percent of its leads because of its integration into software like Skype and Teams.

“We try to support all of the tech stacks we find in enterprise environments. So the Google G Suites, Salesforce, and others. But what we find is that the vast majority of our enterprise customers are on the Microsoft tech stack,” CEO Roy Pereira said.

With this partnership, Microsoft is now officially supporting the company by promoting the solution across their channels, having salespeople including them in presentations to customers, and demoing during onboarding for employees.

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Posted by Melissa Durrell on March 1, 2018

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