eSight – eSight Launches New Smart Glasses Promising 20/20 Vision For The Legally Blind

Article via BetaKit –  Toronto-based eSight, which develops wearables allowing the legally blind to see, has launched a new pair of smart glasses.

The company said that its latest smart glasses, eSight 3, allows the legally blind or those living with low vision to see with 20/20 vision. The glasses capture the user’s surroundings and transform the footage into a form more palatable for the blind eye – essentially, filling in each user’s blind spot.

“One of the many ingenious features of eSight 3 is that it simultaneously increases the central field of view of sight while preserving full access to peripheral vision, providing the best of both worlds: unprecedented mobility and high-acuity central vision,” said Dr. Robert Devenyi, chief ophthalmologist at Toronto’s University Health Network said.

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Posted by Melissa Durrell on January 10, 2018

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