Miovision Launches Platform to Disrupt Corporate Hierarchy, Empower Employees

Article via Business Wire – Miovision is known as a global leader in traffic systems technology, but CEO and co-founder Kurtis McBride has a secondary passion: empowering employees and running a transparent company. Today, the company launched a new software platform to do just that.

Teal is a new platform created by McBride and a small team of Miovision engineers to help fast-growing companies unlock the full potential of their teams, maintain their startup culture as they expand beyond a few dozen employees, and give all employees a clear picture of the entire company’s structure.

As startups grow beyond 50 or so employees, scaling the innovative, results-oriented startup culture becomes a huge challenge. As Miovision approached its 10-year anniversary in 2016, company leaders noticed how much harder it was to define roles and manage accountability while maintaining a culture that allowed employees to work on projects that aligned with both their skills and their passion.

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Posted by admin on April 18, 2017

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