This is the Periodic Table Of Tech In Canada

Article Via Betakit – Canadian startups have seen a spike in activity over the past few years. Notably, Shopify, Kik, Hootesuite, BubildDirect and Frank & Oak all leading the charge to increase Canada’s image of how tech companies should be and act in Canada.

It can be a confusing marketplace to navigate this scene in our find land. Thankfully, in honour of Canada Day, our friends at CB Insights have made a simple “Periodic Table Of Tech In Canada” that outlines great tech companies from coast-to-coast.

There are over 120+ startups, investors, and companies that have successfully exited “that have shaped Canadian tech.” In addition, the companies are broken down into colour categories in E-commerce, Fintech, Ed Tech, Frontier Tech, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Health Tech, Real estate tech, HR tech, and Social.

We have embedded it below but you can also find the full article here.




Posted by admin on July 7, 2016

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