A Proud Partner of the Accelerator Centre

Last week, Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre (AC) celebrated its 50th and 51st graduates—Alaunus and TrafficSoda. This milestone graduation coincided with the AC’s 10th anniversary, capping off a decade of the Centre supporting some of the country’s most innovative and successful technology companies. Congratulations!

What is the AC? It’s a world-renowned, award-winning network of facilities dedicated to developing and commercializing technology startups. It provides an essential combination of in-house mentorship, educational programming, facilities, networking, and access to funding and facility services for up to three years, with a goal of building successful startups.

GTAN is a proud strategic partner of the AC’s Waterloo facility. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with its talented team—generating economic benefits and enhancing the strategic importance of Waterloo within Ontario and Canada’s broader economy.

In that time period, GTAN has also invested in 14 AC graduates:

Bonfire Interactive
Clearpath Robotics
Intellijoint Surgical
Nicoya LifeSciences
Mii Corp
Top Hat

“During our startup phase, we chose the longer term incubation approach offered by the AC. They provided us with the experience to know which markets to go after, and to build a business that could scale. The AC offered the right combination of resources, but also the right pressure setting.” Matt Rendall, CEO & Co-Founder of Clearpath Robotics.


This indicates how effective the AC’s programs are at helping entrepreneurs and startups grow from an initial idea to a sustainable business that is ready for angel investment.

It’s our firm belief that Waterloo Region innovation is at its strongest when its key resources work together. GTAN and the AC are jointly committed to developing, investing and mentoring Waterloo Region’s most talented companies—and promoting the Region as Canada’s innovation hub. This relationship will continue to focus on fostering the next generation of our country’s leading entrepreneurs and unlocking their full potential.

GTAN is very appreciative for the opportunity to work with the AC and is looking forward to investing in more of its graduates!

The AC is one of GTAN’s many talented partners. Stay tuned for articles featuring our other partners.



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