Recap: January 2017 Investment Meeting

Welcome, 2017! We are looking forward to another year of presentations and pitches from amazing, local talent. The GTAN Angels are actively looking to fill the gap between seed capital and VC funding. We kicked off our 2017 investment meetings with pitches from Sitata, Pathcore, and Penta Medical. Learn more about the companies below.

Sitata - Adam St. John

Sitata – Adam St. John, President and CEO – Sinata keeps tourists safe when they travel by providing them with real-time health and safety information, and connecting them with a local, trusted doctor when they need help. Learn more about Sinata here.











Pathcore – Stephane Langevin and Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO – Pathcore’s technology transforms pathology diagnostics into an automated, predictable, and cost-effective process that provides patients with the infrastructure for early diagnosis and successful treatments for diseases. Pathcore’s product fills the gap between required pathology services and the number of available pathologists. Learn more about Pathcore here.










Penta Medical – Alexa Roeper, CEO – Penta Medical is developing a wearable therapeutic system to accelerate the recovery of injuries. Their solution is based on infrared therapy, which couples a wearable band with a software control system that selects the optimal treatment plan for a specific injury. Learn more about Penta Medical here.



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