Recap: September Investment Meeting

GTAN members are actively filling the gap between seed capital and VC funding. On September 20, GTAN held its monthly investment meeting at the Bingemans Embassy room, where three Ontario startups pitched to over 70 GTAN angels. FleetRover Inc., Textbooks for Change and GeneYouIn Inc. took the stage and executed strong pitches about their revolutionary products. More than twenty angel’s signed up for due diligence, sending all three companies to the next phase.


Photo 2016-09-20, 17 26 48

Chris Janssen and Ian Suttle

Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change is a non-profit company that sells and donates repurposed textbooks. Using the funds raised from selling repurposed textbooks to students on Canadian university campuses, Textbooks for Change donates textbooks to university libraries throughout Africa where resources are often limited.









Photo 2016-09-20, 17 30 46

Chris Atkinson, Founder of FleetRover Inc.

FleetRover Inc. 

FleetRover Inc. offers a dashboard to trucking dispatchers and provides metrics to improve overall business operations. FleetRover collects data through smartphones, while traditional systems use expensive hardware. Dispatchers can use this data to determine vehicle locations, trailer capacities and driver hours of service compliance.








Photo 2016-09-20, 17 35 01

Veronika litinski and Ruslan Dorfman


GeneYouIn’s product, Pillcheck, works alongside your doctor to help determine which prescription drugs and dosages are right for you. Through genetic testing and a review of your pharmaceutical history, a specially trained pharmacist provides the user with a report that determines the most effective prescription medication for the user, improving safety as well as saving the patient time and insurance companies money.








Our next investment meeting is on October 18, 2016 for members only. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

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